Behind the Mic with Tony Guerrero

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Tony Guerrero y La Sombra, you may know “El Sapo” “Mi Guerita Coca-Cola” and many more. Tony stopped by to chat with AC in his very first interview since his emergency surgery. Covering everything from the beginnings, like why they’re called “The Windy City Boys” to the latest CD and the one that’s been put on hold. All this and more with the Tony Guerrero.

Check out this episode!


2 thoughts on “Behind the Mic with Tony Guerrero

  1. Ace this was. A very interesting pod cast, I’ve always been a sombra fan, but there were so many things that weren’t answer, it would be cool to have a Q&A type of thing like announce who is coming to the podcast and have the fans ask the artist some of the questions. God bless you


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